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Everyone calls me Kharen but i like to be addressed by my nickname "Khang". I am a Mass Communication graduate and doing short film is my fascination. Currently, I am working in a well-known child-care organization in the country and I am basically responsible in organizing fund raising event to generate income for the foundation. Although working full time, teaching is my long term career goal. I believe teaching is the most important profession because it helps construct the world and doing so will also complete my full potential in this world. As a christian, I adorn people who practice what they teach and I am very delighted to meet them. Playing basketball and badminton are my assets when it comes with sports. Dribbling, shooting and smashing are the best part of these games, and when I'm in the game, you will sure see my masculine drive. I have a wholesome social background and this makes me wholesome in everything I do. So now, let me show you the wholesome experience of learning English.

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