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Joe A

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Hi there! It is a delight to meet you. My name is Joe A and I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Theology and a Master's Degree in religion. I enjoy cooking, reading, swimming, watching movies, playing basketball, soccer, traveling and singing, like hobbies. Over the past few years, South Korea, China, and the Philippines have become my second home. I like engaging students, especially those who want to learn English as a second language. Between 2006-2011, I have engaged over five thousand students at different levels of English learning face to face in the classroom and their experiences were very satisfactory. I have conducted over six thousand online quality lessons to home-based students. I having a TESOL, Business English, and Kids English Teaching certificates. I received Magna Cum Laude for Higher Academic Performance and that is exactly what I instill in the students I encounter daily. The best way for me to teach English is creating an enjoyable and friendly atmosphere, where students, no matter their level of knowledge, can express themselves freely using their innate abilities. My first classroom encounter was in 2003 and, ever since, teaching has become exciting. I became an online teacher to meet different people, aside from those that I have encountered, to learn more about their culture and they, in turn, learn about my culture. I have a good experience as a teacher and my teaching philosophy is that “Learning is fun if you give yourself the right environment, and it will become your lifetime friend.” Furthermore, every student has a dream and a teacher must bring that dream to life. Over the years, this is what I have done and that is why I believe my students have had positive feedback and have been awarding me as a dynamic teacher.

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