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Luca R

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Hello, my name is Luca! Here’s a little about myself: My hobbies include playing the guitar, attending music concerts and festivals, playing football and travelling the world to explore different cultures. However, something that all my friends and family know about me is that I am passionate about nature! When I was a child, I loved all kinds of bugs and animals. Most of the time I was in our garden looking for bugs, frogs or playing with our rabbits or guinea pigs. If, on the rare occasion, I was inside I would probably be watching a nature documentary or reading a book about animals…. Nothing has changed! I am still in love with nature. I have a cat and a dog, and I love to be outside. I thoroughly enjoy meeting people from all different cultures and backgrounds because I believe connecting to people from all around the world is unifying, therefore, it encourages people to love rather than hate one another. This is part of the reason why I became an ESL teacher so that I can connect with and share knowledge with people from all around the world. English is the lingua franca of the world; therefore, I love to teach English because it helps people open and explore exciting prospects for their future. I have experience in a few different industries. I worked part-time for a charity teaching the young and old reading comprehension and analytical thinking. Along with this, I completed a 2-year course in heating engineering and achieved a Level 2 Diploma. Using this qualification, I have worked within the industry of property developing. I am an enthusiastic and patient teacher. In addition to this, I strongly believe that every student learns differently, therefore, I adapt my teaching strategies for every student. Even though it is important that students are accurate with their language, I don’t discourage risk-taking…often the best way to learn is by making mistakes and then learn from those mistakes.

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Doğum Günü2000-01-25
Mezun Olduğu OkulNorth Kent College
HobileriAnything music! Playing guitar, going to concerts or just chilling out listening to a new album.
Sevdiği FilmlerLa la Land